In April, 2017, I was asked by the Cambridge Arts Council to create a mural to beautify a 500-foot long construction barrier at the site of the King Open School on Cambridge Street. I decided to create a single continuous photograph of the Cambridge riverfront along the Charles River. I call it a "panalateral" since it follows the view along an elevation. Unlike a panorama that looks at the view around a single nodal point, the panalateral follows along the length of something.

I kayaked down the Charles and took sequential photographs along its 5-mile length winding through Cambridge. After assembling about 250 images into one continuous image in Photoshop, I had it printed onto a 500 foot long vinyl mesh banner and attached to the existing fence at the construction site. The mural was installed in June, and will be in place for the 2-year duration of the building project.

   original image (click on arrows to move panalateral):     

Panalateral Photograph of the Charles River along the Cambridge riverfront

     installation view: